Irrigation - Dramm and Fog-it

24 (60cm) Dramm Watering Wand Complete

Item Code: 16:7110/24\\
Complete set - including Thumb valve, Adapter & Large Plastic head

Dramm Small Aluminium Head, (Water Breaker)

Item Code: 16:7110/SmAlum

Dramm Small Plastic Head (Water Breaker)

Item Code: 16:7110/SmPlast

Dramm Large Aluminium Head (Water Breaker)

Item Code: 16:7110/LgeAlum

Dramm Large Plastic Head ( Water Breaker)

Item Code: 16:7110/LgePlast

Hose Connector (1 1/16” American)

Item Code: 16:7124/P

Dramm Shut-off Valve Plastic (Thumb)

Item Code: 16:7125/Th

Dramm Shut Off Valve Plastic (Trigger)

Item Code: 16:7125/Touch
Dramm Touch n Flow trigger/ball action hand piece replaces the standard thumb valve (not standard on the Dramm watering wands)